Crossing the Line

Observations of Character

yellow lines 1

OK, I’m now completely convinced that it’s my destiny to die in a great fireball of mangled metal and melting plastic.

Time after time, when I’m on the road driving for any reason – heading to the grocery store, heading home from work, taking our household trash to the dumpsters – I continue to meet people in other vehicles who don’t seem to care whether their vehicle is actually on THEIR side of the highway or not.  If you’ve never experienced the utter exhilaration of it, there’s nothing that can get your heart racing and the adrenalin flowing quite like seeing a two ton vehicle cross those little double yellow lines heading straight for your vehicle at a combined speed of over 100 mph.

Why do people allow themselves this rather hazardous pastime?

Well, after a little contemplation, I’ve decided that the answer is actually fairly simple.

Drivers – and…

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