November is all about Click It or Ticket!

Did you know November is Click It or Ticket Month? One of the main things you can do to be safe while in your vehicle: WEAR YOUR SEATBELT – it saves thousands of lives each year!

Did you know there are three collisions that happen in a car crash?

  1. Car collision: when the car is stopped by something
  2. Human collision: when the person is stopped by something. Hopefully, it is your seatbelt. If someone does NOT wear their seat belt in the car, and it is in a crash, you are 4 x more likely to die. Basically, going through the windshield is like jumping out of a 5 story building face-first! That would super painful, so wearing your seatbelt is a great idea.
  3. Internal collision: when your organs are stopped once you are stopped in a crash. Now, a seatbelt would slow your body down, so your organs wouldn’t…

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