Teen driving fatalities down 60 percent in Illinois


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After years of hundreds of teens dying in automobile accidents, the most recent data shows that teen driving fatalities are down 60 percent in Illinois.

In 2007 there were 144 teen driving deaths compared to just 58 teen driving deaths in 2012.

Wednesday the Secretary of State of Illinois, Jesse White, announced the recent data.

He attributes the drop to provisions that were made to the Graduated Drivers License program in 2008.

Some changes that were made included teen drivers had to have their permits for at least nine months rather than six. Those with learners permits were required to have 50 hours of driving experience with an adult over 21, ten of those hours must be at night.

Grant Iles is a driver’s education instructor at Moline High School and is doing his part in dropping teen automobile accidents.

“All it takes is one bad choice…

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