9 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident This Winter



Snowstorms, slippery roads, and chilly temperatures are the primary causes of many accidents over winter season, but being prepared for adverse driving conditions is an important first step. Driving on ice takes skill and practice, but it’s not always easy to avoid a car accident when you’re at the mercy of not-so-skilled drivers or pedestrians crossing the street at the wrong time. If you’re braving the sleet and snow in the upcoming months, here are just nine ways to prevent a car accident this winter:

1. Learn the art of loose steering. When those front wheels start to skid on ice or a slippery patch, you’ll need to let go of the steering-only temporarily. The easiest way to get control of the car is to shift to neutral and slowly guide the wheels back in the direction you want to go.

2. Turn off the cruise control for the…

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