Distracted Driving Fines in Canada

Hand-Held Cell Phone Legislation in Canada
Province Fine Demerits
British Columbia $167 3
Alberta $172 None
Saskatchewan $280 4
Manitoba $200 None
Ontario $155 None
Quebec $115 – $154
Nfld and Labrador $100 – $400 4
PEI $250. $400 3
Nova Scotia $164 first offence
$222 second offence
$337 subsequent offence
New Brunswick $172.50 3
Yukon $250 3
NWT $100 3
Nunavut Nothing at this time

*In addition to banning hand-held communication devices, British Columbia and Ontario also ban the use of hand-held electronic entertainment devices while driving.

British Columbia and Saskatchewan prohibit GDL drivers from using both hand-held and hands-free devices.
No Canadian jurisdiction bans ALL drivers from using hands-free cell phones while driving.

Found on http://distracteddriving.caa.ca/education/distracted-driving-laws-in-canada.php


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