Police, SGI cracking down on distracted drivers in February

Global News

REGINA – Police across Saskatchewan will be cracking down on distracted drivers during the month of February.

This will not only include those who used cell and smart phones to talk or text, but also those who eat, apply makeup, use GPS or read.

“It’s past time for an attitude shift,” said Andrew Cartmell, president and CEO of SGI.

“Distracted driving is causing more crashes than even impaired driving.”

There were 69 deaths and 2,503 injuries in collisions involving distracted driving in 2012.

The fine for distracted driving is $280 along with four demerit points under SGI’s Safe Driver Recognition program.

“These are just the financial consequences – think about the human impacts,” Cartmell said.

“How could you live with yourself if you killed someone in a crash, simply because your text couldn’t wait?”

“Every driver holds the key to success on this issue; every driver, every day, ahs to…

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