New program targets road safety for Saskatchewan seniors

Global News

Watch the video above: a new program will help keep seniors safe behind the wheel

SASKATOON – It’s a sense of freedom, pride and privilege, having a drivers license. Being an older, mature driver and having that license taken away can be devastating.

Lee Carlson has been a part of the Saskatchewan Safety Council’s ’55 Alive Program’ for over 12 years. He travels all around the province instructing safe driving.

“I’ve physically worked with drivers one-on-one in their late 70’s early 80’s quite capable, I’ve also worked with drivers in their 60’s that are struggling because now as we get older we start to have health concerns,” Carlson said.

It’s around the mid 50’s when people start experiencing changes to their vision, hearing, thinking skills, and physical mobility. all of which are important to operating a vehicle safely.

CAA is a strong advocate for traffic safety for all ages. Next…

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