Scary crash videos pop up online as dash cams’ popularity grows

Global News

WINNIPEG – Dashboard camera videos are popping up online more and more, showing their growing popularity.

A recent dash cam video posted to YouTube by an Ontario couple heading from Winnipeg to their home in Sioux Lookout shows a frightening crash that happened Saturday.

Another vehicle cuts in front of their truck in the video shot just outside Kenora, Ont., causing a terrible crash.

“I hit the brakes as hard as I could,” said Ralph Ireland, 62. “My wife and I are pretty shaken up.”

Watch:  Dashboard cameras are growing in popularity. Sean Mallen reports. 

[tp_video id=1195342]

Ireland, his wife and the other driver walked away, but it could have been much worse.

“If I hit his door, he would have died for sure, and us probably,” said Ireland.

Ireland’s dash cam captured the whole incident, giving police an unbiased witness.

The other driver was initially charged with failure to…

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