B.C. teens killed after vehicle plunges into lake during prom party

Global News

WATCH (above): Two young people have died after their car plunged into a lake near Prince George. As Tanya Beja reports, investigators are now trying to determine what led to the tragedy.

Global News has confirmed the identities of two teens who died after a vehicle plunged into a B.C. lake during a prom party this weekend.

Kendall Moore and Craig Wood were high school students in Prince George, friends have confirmed.

According to posts on social media, the students were attending a party in a rural area by the lake following a school prom Friday night.

GALLERY: Kendall Moore and Craig Wood 

Police say the vehicle went into Kwitzil Lake, also known as Gravel Pit Lake, at around 4 a.m. Saturday during a large party attended by hundreds of people.

According to posts on social media, several people rushed into the lake trying to save Moore and Wood, but were unable to.

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