WATCH: Volkswagen texting and driving PSA jolts moviegoers

Global News

TORONTO – Volkswagen screened a special interactive PSA on the dangers of texting and driving at a movie theatre in Hong Kong recently, and it could be the most effective campaign on the subject yet.

As the lights in the theatre go down, point-of-view footage of someone starting a car appears on the theatre screen. The person in the footage turns the radio on and starts driving.

They drive for a long time as the audience in the theatre sits quietly, looking confused as to what they are being shown.

Using a location-based broadcaster, someone in the projection booth sends out a message to every cellphone in the theatre.

People go for their phones, pulling them out of their pockets and bags.

As they look away from the theatre screen to their phones, the car on the screen veers off the road and crashes, making them all jump and look…

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