Hundreds of pedestrians hit and injured on city streets in 2014

Pedestrians can’t assume that simply because they have the right of way they can cross streets without issue. People need to remember what they taught their children about crossing a street: Look both ways and if there is a car approaching, wait until you are certain he is going to stop.

Calgary Herald

Robert Angus remembers the crunch as he hit the windshield. He remembers slamming into the ground, feeling “shocking pain” in his legs and wondering if his family was OK.

Angus was walking to Tim Hortons for brunch earlier this month when he was struck by a vehicle while crossing the intersection of 17th Avenue and 15th Street S.W. alongside his 11-year-old stepson, eight-year-old stepdaughter and his fiancée.

As Angus, a local book binder, was rolled onto a stretcher and rushed to Foothills Hospital, he became a statistic — one of more than 400 pedestrian injury collisions recorded on Calgary streets in 2014.

With 411 injured pedestrians from Jan. 1 2014 to Dec. 16 2014, on average at least one person is hit by a vehicle…

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