The title of this blog is based on a sign that I was given as a young teen. It said, “At 40 mph you are driving a car At 80 mph you just aiming it.” It took me a while to understand exactly what it meant. Now, more than ever, as a person reads newspaper story after newspaper story about traffic fatalities, it is obvious vehicles are, in fact, lethal weapons.

When a person handles a gun, even an unloaded gun, they do so with liturgical precision. There are no games, no jokes, no aiming the gun at another, just for fun. If someone does these things they are soon chastised by others.

There are by far more people injured and killed in motor vehicle collisions than there are by guns. This number would be greatly reduced if people treated their vehicles with the same respect they treat a loaded gun.

This blog is a collection of videos and news stories relating to driving. Please enjoy.

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