The best place to keep your cell phone while you are driving is….?

While driving we have several places to keep our phones: In a purse or back pack, on the dash, in a console, on the passenger seat etc. However, it seems to me that the best place to keep the phone is a pocket (preferably one that is zipped closed). The most obvious reason for this is that the phone becomes virtually impossible to access while one is driving. A less obvious reason for doing this is to keep it in place in the event of an accident. If unbelted passengers can fly out the windows in a crash, so to can your phone. And, your phone might be the only connection between you and immediate assistance. Reaching into your pocket for the phone and calling 911 gives far more peace of mind than searching in the dark, in the snow for a phone that has now become the proverbial needle in the haystack.

This notion came to me one day as I was getting set to go for a motorcycle ride. Upon thinking for a moment about what would happen if I crashed, I realized that my wallet could potentially go flying out of my jeans pocket and so too could my phone. From that point forward I made sure both my wallet and my phone were zipped up in my jacket. This way if I did end up upside down in the ditch I should still have a connection to the help I need.

This line of thinking applies equally to our automobiles. A phone could be tossed a great distance through the broken window of a rolling vehicle. One’s life line would be gone. It is true that some vehicles are equipped with features such as OnStar which will activate emergency services if they are needed. Not all vehicles come equipped with this feature; older vehicles certainly didn’t. If you want to keep your phone in your back pack or purse, try running a seatbelt through the strap which might just hold everything in place making the search for the phone easier.

Further to this, having your phone secured in a pocket means that there is one less projectile flying around the cabin of your vehicle in the event of a collision.